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Who, What, When, Where, Why

We've been chosen to be featured on the blog 'marvelous things' by Jessica Danielle.
Check it out !

What's the fashion scene like in Argentina? It is pretty cool, there are very good brands that follow fashion trends, but combining it with their own style, for example Maria Cher. There also are a lot of new designers that are great trend setters, generally we can find them in Palermo Soho. People follow fashion trends but you can find a lot of different styles, generally everybody gives their style a personal touch.

What is your all-time favorite store? Here in Argentina Maria Cher, Paula Cahen D'anvers and De La Ostia are great!

What is your perfume of choice? The best fragrances ever are Miss Dior Cherie, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and The Beat by Burberry

Who and what inspires you? We think that someone can be inspired by anything, from someone on the street to a story. Our style inspirations are the Olsen twins, Kate Moss and Clemence Poesy. Also we really get inspired by what we see on the runways.

Would you rather walk in a runway show or write an article in Vogue? Both of the options would be a dream came true, but we think it would be amazing to walk in a runway. It is our dream, we think nothing can be compared to the rush of the moment, it would be great.

Who is your favorite it-girl? Taylor Momsen, of course, we think she's amazing. We think that is great the fact that she doesn't cares about what people think about her personality, style or attitude. Besides we think that she's so cool because she's different from all the teenage girls. She found her personal look and she's got a great band, we love her music. GO TAYLOR!

What are your beauty must-haves? Always black eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadows in different tones from black to silver; to get the perfect smoky eyes effect. Also a good nail polish in an original color, like Le Vernis by Chanel.


If you could receive one bag (for free!), which one would you choose? Rocco Bag by Alexander Wang, without hesitating.

If you had the opportunity to sit front row at a Fashion Week runway show, which designer's collection would you choose and which season would it be (i.e. Balenciaga Fall/Winter)? Marc by Marc Jacobs, definitely, we think that he always does the best shows, we always fall in love with the music, we think his shows are always original as his collections, and we would choose the Spring/Summer collection. Also we would choose Balmain Fall/Winter. It's always great! We love the clothes.

If you could guest blog on any site, which one would it be and why?
Justjr or lefashionimage, first of all, because those are the ones that inspire us, and they're very important fashion blogs worldwide.

If you could create your own nail polish (think OPI's crazy collections), what color would it be and what would you name it?
It would be Indigo or Gold, and we would name it: New York's Night by Simes

Pick One

Leggings or Thigh-Highs? Loving thigh-highs right now.

Dior or Chanel? Mmmm... Sooo dificult. But we stay with Chanel.

Jean Jackets or Leather Jackets? Both are great but nothing replaces a good leather jacket.

Paris or New York Fashion Week? Definitely Paris.

Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfield? There's nothing like French Vogue, but no one can do what Anna Wintour has done, she changed fashion, she discovered lots of designers, models, you can't think of fashion without thinking of her.

Sex and the City or The Hills? Sex and the City, of course, nothing like those girls and New York, one of the best series ever!

Alexander Wang side-braids or Proenza Shouler's colored hair-dos? WE LOVED Alexander Wang side-braids, they are amazing. Perfect hairstyle.

"It makes one feel rather good deciding not to be a BITCH !"
-Ernest Hemingway

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The IT Girl.

Carla Gebhart has already appeared in one of the TOP 10 NEWCOMER, in models.com
Hope she gets to be one of THE Bests Models in the world! We also love the fact that she is from Argentina, just like us!

Tell us something more on how you got into modeling?

CARLA GEBHART: I was scouted by Picky Courtois, the director of Civiles, my mother agency.
I was just 14 years old, studying in second year of high school. He met me at modeling school in Cordoba, my hometown, where I used to do my first practices of modeling. It was in mid 2008.

What are the basics that you needed to learn in order to become a model ready for the fashion capitals?
CARLA GEBHART: The first thing I needed to learn was how to survive healthy, in front of such big stress, that means collections season. I also had to learn to stay away from home, far from my family and friends.

So, if you had to describe to an average girl how to walk on the runway, what would you say is the most important thing?
CARLA GEBHART: I feel that the most important thing is to feel that she's just doing a job, that it doesn't become YOU in a really special person just because you're thin and tall. So if you don't act that kind of a role, it could be easier to do it.

Do you like runway music..does it help you in setting the mood?
CARLA GEBHART: Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. But anyway, it's a part of the show, so it's not my business to like it or not. Sometimes it helps to walk easily on the runway.

Which show had the best music?
I loved Chanel's show music. I'd also loved Yves Saint Laurent, Gareth Pugh and Prada.

What music do you like?
CARLA GEBHART: I love minimal music. I also love jazz, and classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. My favorite bands at the moment are Arto Lindsey, Beck & Radiohead.

You appeared on every important show this season! Who did you like wearing the most?
CARLA GEBHART: I liked most of the shows I did. Chloé, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Prada, Jil Sander and Gucci were veeeery nice clothes. Also liked Gareth Pugh and Cerruti.

You also walked for Burberry Prorsum! Did you prefer over the knee boots or those ankle ones?
CARLA GEBHART: I loved the knee boots!

Which show (2010) describes your personal style?
CARLA GEBHART: I feel that the shows I did don’t really describe my personal style, but as I mentioned before: I loved Chloé and Gucci.

Did you prefer black or white look at Gucci?

CARLA GEBHART: The black one.

And what is your personal style?
CARLA GEBHART: My personal style is very natural…

Where do you buy for your clothes?
CARLA GEBHART: I buy clothes in vintage stores… I love vintage.

Which store are your favorite jeans from?
CARLA GEBHART: Rapsodia (in Argentina), Levi’s, Miss Sixty. I also love Dior Homme jeans.

Models always carry big bags with them! Whats the brand of your travel bag?
CARLA GEBHART: I carry a big bag from home, to spend a few weeks in Europe. It's Samsonite, I think they are great, really strong and have nice designs.

What bag do you take for castings...and what's in it?
CARLA GEBHART: To the castings, I use Chloé's bag. I take the city map, my mobile phone, my passport, some money, compcards and book... I also have my bikini (just in case I need it for a job), and my high heels from Gucci.

You looked amazing at Chloe! Are those earthy beige colors something you would wear yourself? What are your favorite colors?
CARLA GEBHART: Blue is my favorite color. Chloé gave me a lot of clothes and bags… so beautiful…! I could wear every color from that collection, it’s great!.

So, you’ve been to NY, Milan, Paris & London. Do you see yourself living in one of these places?
CARLA GEBHART: I haven’t been to New York yet. I loved Paris, I think I could live there. It’s a beautiful city. I also loved London, but the food is not so good… : (Milano was OK to my mother, she always travel with me, and she loved the food and the Italian people, because they reminded her of our family.

Your home town is Cordoba..? What do you love about it?
CARLA GEBHART: My home town is Cordoba. It is one of the most important cities in Argentina. I love the food and the weather, it`s always good.

Are you maybe a vegetarian?
CARLA GEBHART: I’m not vegetarian! I love meat!

And do you like chimichurri?
CARLA GEBHART: Chimichurry is the best for the “asado”, our version of barbecue.

What Argentinian dish is your favorite?
CARLA GEBHART: My favorite dish is the barbecue, also pasta and salads.

And there is this “special” kind of tea or … the way you make it… isn’t there?
CARLA GEBHART: Regarding the “tea”, the name is “mate”, it is an infusion, it’s very famous in our country. But I’m not a really big fan of it.

What is your favorite perfume?
CARLA GEBHART: Any perfume by Comme des Garçons.

Do you use make up?
CARLA GEBHART: I don’t use it!

And know that you know the fashion world a bit better, do you think you will have new friends from the fashion industry?
CARLA GEBHART: I hope to do it! If I don’t, I’ll be alone for the rest of my career…! In my first trip, I made some friends from Argentina and Brazil. I also made a very good friends of my mother agent, and with my agency in Paris.

Carla Gebhart is with Civiles Argentina & Viva Paris.


Amanda Norgaard.


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Mathilde Frachon for Marie Claire Italy: March 2010.

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5 o' clock Tea: Alló Martinez.

Alló Martinez presentó su nueva colección el 11 de marzo, en un té que se llevó a cabo en el shopping Alto Palermo. Agradecemos a Think Y por habernos invitado.
A continuación mostramos el concepto que presentó la marca para esta temporada: FEMINEIDAD, SOFISTICACIÓN, EXAGERACIÓN y PROVOCACIÓN.