Friday, November 18, 2011

Bikini Shapiro

Bikini Shapiro en su casa, que comparte con Fab

Fabrizio Moretti Bikini Shapiro

Backstage passes from Binki and Fab's many musical escapades.

"I write all my songs on this guitar. It's absolutely one of my favorite things I've ever owned. It's a Gibson hollow body from the early '60s, but it's a 'Student Edition' so the body is really small, about the size of a Les Paul. It fits in my arms perfectly and is super easy to play."


  1. Me encanta esta chica y mucho mas Little Joy.


  2. ella me causa mucha ternura, siempre lo hizo entre su cara y su voz, pero no puedo evitar odiarla por estar con fabrizio :(